The God’s Story vcd and cd at a Discount for the Languages of India

God's Story vcd for less than $2 USD each in the languages of India

The God’s Story VCDs and CDs cost per VCD/CD is Rs.100 + shipping charges. This is the currency of India. The vcd’s and cd’s are sent from India. There is a 15% discount for orders over the quantity of 50.

God's Story film is available in 55 Indian languages.

If you want to know what languages are available for the Gods’ Story film, please see this website.
If you want to see the 55 languages that are available in Indian languages, please see this website.
God’s Story India also sells some DVDs now as well as solar audio players for regions with limited power.

We ship to India and certain surrounding countries. We do not ship to North America, Europe, or Africa.
These two email addresses are for the God’s Story Project in India.

Shipping over certain quantities or for higher value items (such as solar players) will require secure shipping resulting in higher shipping costs, otherwise the purchaser bears the responsibility of the shipment.

Feel free to contact our headquarters in the USA at for the other distributors or questions.

This website also has information of the God’s Story film.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact

The God’s Story vcd and cd at a Discount for the Languages of India